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The precision CNC deep hole drilling machine produced by the company is suitable for various kinds of work pieces of deep hole processing:
  • Die & mould industry (water transport hole, center hole, hot runner, guide roller hole, etc.)
  • auto industry ( deep hole processing in cylinder lead, crankshaft, hydraulic tubing, plunger busing, etc.)
  • Oil pump & lubricating nipple industry ( deep hole processing in oil-injection gas, nozzle valve, plunger bussing anhd other spare parts)
  • Textile machinery industry (messpore processing of various spindles); medical equipment industry( axial proceesing in titanium alloy, stainless steel, etc.)
  • Mine & oil machinery (deep hole processing on piston rod, cylinder walls)
  • Deep hole process of rotorn central spindle, valve spindle, unit outer cylinder, condenser tube plate in the industry of electrical power, steam tubine

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Features introduction:
 1. The castings of the whole machine are made of high-quality Meehanite cast iron, and after aging treatment, the structure of the castings is uniform and stable, with high rigidity and good stability.
2. The three-axis adopts imported high-rigidity and high-precision screw, which provides strong torque during processing and is more durable.
3. The three-axis adopts imported high-rigidity, heavy-duty, high-speed, and high-precision ball linear guides, which ensures the high precision of processing and prolongs the service life of the linear guides.
4. The three-axis feed drive adopts INVT servo motor and driver, and directly communicates with the ball screw, the transmission is stable, and there is no backlash. At the same time, its good rigidity and optimized shock absorption performance greatly improve the transmission system.
5. The main shaft adopts imported powerful motor, which can meet the processing requirements of high and low speed, and is equipped with an automatic oil cooling system to ensure a constant temperature state during processing.
6. The operating system adopts Taiwan system, which is compatible with CAD/CAM software and is more diversified.
   Machine Specifications
MODEL Unit DHD - 1816
Inner diameter of drilling mm 2.5 - 30
Directional maximum depth of drilling mm 1600
Size of working table mm 1800*1150
Displancement of X-axis mm 1600
Displancement of Y-axis mm 1100
Displancement of Z-axis mm 1600
Drilling cutting feed rate mm/min 1 - 300
Maximum rotating speed of principal axis  rpm 7000
Principal axis motor KW 7.5KW/11KW
Moving the motor from right to left on work table KW AC 4.4KW
Moving the motor from up to down on principal axis KW AC 4.4KW
Moving the motor from front to back on principal axis KW AC 2.3KW
Pressure of cutting pressure pump kg/cm2 0 - 150
Oil mass of oil pressure pump l/min 6 - 60
Capacity of cutting oil tank l 800
Load capacity os working table kg  13000
Machine net weight kg 14000
Machine size mm 5500*4300*2800