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CNC type compact and econoimic design, automatic electrde changer, reloading electrode pepeautomatically to improve productivity.

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1. Features
     1.1 Poweful controller
2. Specifications
     2.1 H32C
     2.2 H32CA
     2.3 H64C
     2.4 H86C

3. Accessories
4. Product media

Machine Features

Compact and economic design. Automatic electrode change
Reloading electrode pipe automatically to Improve productivity

AEC, AGC Device (Opt)
Automatic Electrode Changer and Automatic Guide Changer are optional features that allow for unattended operation and greater productivity.
AEC 10 loaded with Electrodes and AGC with 5-10 Guides up to 6" long.

Powerful controller
1. NC program is compatible with Wire Cut working program. Without further amendment it can begin to work from start point of wire cut program. 
2. Optimum machining program can be called out automatically upon inputting thickness of workpiece, and wear rate. 
3. Network capability (option).

Machine Specifications
Model Unit H32C H32CA H64C H86C
Working Table mm 660x300 660x300 570x740 770x950
Table Travels (XxY) mm 350x250 350x250 400x600 600x800
Max. Work Piece (WxDxH) mm 800x400x250 800x460x230 600x100x380 800x1100x380
Max. Work Piece Weight kg 180 180 180 1200
Ram Servo Travel (Z1)/(W) mm 340 380 400 400
Work Head Travel (Z2)/(Z) mm 200 200 400 400
Guide Travel mm 150   150 10
Electrode Dide mm ¢0.2~¢3.0 ¢0.2~¢3.0 ¢0.2~¢3.0 ¢0.2~¢3.0
Max. Length of Tube Electrode mm 400 400 400 400
Distance between Spindle Platen to Work Table   30-230 25~230 35-435 30-435
Tank Capacity L 90 90 90 130
Dielectric Fluid Type   water water water water
Machine (WxDxH) mm 2185x1875x2330 2185x1875x2330 2300x2380x2000 2300x2380x2000
Net Weight kg 800 800 1500 2000

Standard / Option Accessories

Product video