FEELER FTC 450 | CNC Turning Center (Linear Guide)

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  1. Max. turning diameter 0450mm (FTC-450MC, 0270)
  2. Max turning length 650mm (FTC-450MC, 600mm))
  3. 078 mm bar capacity turret
  4. 12-position servo motor driven (FTC-450MC)
  5. C axis + Power tooling (FTC-450MC)
  6. 45 ° Slant bed is one-piece constructed
  7. Auto tool length measuring device (Opt.)
  8. Linear ways on X, Z-axis
Perfected structure design brings you lifetime accuracy , rigidity and stability
Oversized linear motion guideways are applied on X and Z axis , the rapid feedrate reach 30 m / min . High accuracy ball screws are pretensioned , which ensures best performance and reliability .
The special heat dissipation design on headstock eliminates thermal built - up on the spindle bearings . This feature also prolongs bearing service life and ensures spindle reliability . P4 grade angular contact ball bearings are equipped on the spindle unit to meet the needs of heavy cutting .

   Machine Specifications
X-axis travel 225+25mm
Y-axis travel None
Z-axis travel 700mm
E-axis travel None
Tailstock travel type Manual
Tailstock travel 610mm
Quill travel type Hydraulic
Quill diameter φ100mm
Quill stroke 100mm
Quill taper MT-4
Spindle speed 3,500rpm
Spindle nose A2-8
Hydraulic chuck diameter 10”mm
Spindle bore diamete φ88mm
Spindle bearing diameter φ130mm
Spindle taper 1:20
Live tooling spindle speed -(4,000)mm
Rapid traverse X-axis 30m/min
Rapid traverse Y-axis None
Rapid traverse Z-axis 30m/min
Rapid traverse E-axis None