Mold Cleaning Machine

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Existing Problems of The Mold Pipeline
When producing products, mold pipeline needs to be filled with cooling media (like water, steam and heat conducting oil) to control the temperature of mold. As the mold cooling pipe is always working in the situation of high frequency alternating between hot and cold, so scale, carbon deposition and rust are formed easily on the inner wall of mold cooling pipe. Bacteria and algae multiply in large quantities as nutrient concentration. All of this makes the pipe diameter getting smaller and smaller or completely blockage which causes the heat exchange efficiency reduces greatly. With a worse heat exchange efficiency the quality of product is instable and the defect rate is rising which means the production costs is increased.

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CMG Multi-Function Mold Cleaning Machine
Mold channel cleaner of DOGO adopts national patent technology, using the principle of cavitation which needs to mix high-pressure air and high-pressure water together and release the mixture in the way of pulse. The air pressure and pulse frequency can be controlled automatically. We can adjust the pressure and pulse frequency, according to the clogging condition of different mold, to strike scale, rust and other obstacle in the inner wall of pipeline. The direction that the mixture is released could be change so when the machine is operating, the inner wall of the mold pipeline will be repeatedly washed and stricken in both directions, so that the scale and rust on the inner wall can be removed. Finally the separated scale and rust will be collected and discharged.

The Advancements and Advantages
Cleaning function
  • One-click start and full-automatic operation
  • Cavitation cleaning
  • Pulse blasting cleaning
  • Positive direction and negative direction cleaning
  • Cleaning agentia cleaning
  • Double water tank
Detection function
  • Leak detection
  • Hydraulic pressure detection
  • Air pressure detection
  • Flow detection
Logging function
  • 200 sets cleaning information record
  • Cleaning information record download and save
  • Alert information and Solutions
Other function
  • Automatic drainage
  • Automatic replenishment of water tank Water heating
  • Multilingual operation systems
  Machine Specifications
MODEL CMG-11 CMG-15 CMG-22 CMG-30 CMG-55
Cleaning media Water or cleaning agentia
Operational mathod 7" PLC touch screen
Water tank capacity 40L 100L/50L+50L 100L/50L+50L 120L/60L+60L 150L
Water tank quantity 1 1 or 2 2 or 2 3 or 2 1
Input & output specification 3/8"*4 3/8"*8 3/8"*8+1"*2 3/8"*8+1.5"*2 3/8"*8+2"*2
Machine power 1.1 KW 1.5 KW 2.2 KW 3.0 KW 5.5 KW
Power supply AC220V 1P+N+E / AC380V 3P+N+E
Machine dimesion 100*500* 800mm 140*500* 1200mm 1400*500* 1200mm 1600*600* 1200mm Customized
Machine weight 180 Kg 300 Kg 320 Kg 350 Kg
Water tank automatic heating NO Optional Optional Optional Optional
10" touch screen NO Optional Optional Optional Optional
1000 sets cleaning record Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
SUS304 structure YES YES YES YES YES
SUS316 structure Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

Befor cleaning After cleaning Scale,rust and silt after cleaning

Befor cleaning After cleaning Scale,rust and silt after cleaning