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LNS XH552 is an efficient and cost effective bar feeder which ensures the maximum productivity for feeding bars with diameters of 5 to 52 mm. High guiding quality, low noise and effective vibration-dampening are guaranteed from start to finish.

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  • Locking points along the guiding channels stabilize the machining, increasing productivity.
  • Power booster overcomes tight pusher collets or out-of-tolerance bar stocks to assist insertion or extraction.
  • Fast adjustment of bar diameter changeover.
  • Perfectly fitted design of loading fingers help smoothly bar loading.

Greater bar stock stability and less oscillation inside the lathe
The 2-position hydrostatic front stabilizer is set to the bar diameter and automatically opens to the pusher diameter as it feeds through to provide hydrostatic support from start to finish. It is especially adapted for profiled material (hex) where the guiding element diameter is critical for best performance.

Specifications LNS XH552
Model 2.5M 3.0M 12' 4.0M
Bar diameter Ø5 ~ Ø52 mm
Max bar length 2700 mm 3200 mm 3800 mm 4200 mm
Magazinge capacity Ø10 x 30 pcs
Overall length 3650 mm 4130 mm 4730 mm 5130 mm
Overall width 893 mm
Loading system Side load rack
Loading and feeding side Front/rear - Left/right
Headstock type Fixed/sliding
Front rest 2-position front rest, pneumatic
Drive Servo motor
Guiding Hydrostatic/bearings
Weight 850 kg 900 kg 950 kg 1000 kg
Air supply 5 - 7 kg/cm2
Power supply 220V 3p
(Varying power supply is available depending on applications)
Option Synchronization device
Synchronization (Optional) Electronic synchronization

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*This product is completed operation and product liability insured.
*Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.