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User-friendly remote control
  • Hand hold remote control combined w
  • Sith HMI provides maximum operation convenience.
  • Easy parameter setting achieves optional operation.

Linear actuator
  • The high quality linear actuator offers precise and quiet operation.
  • All motions are controlled and monitored by the PLC which works with high reliability.

Servo drive
  • Advanced servo drive technology provides accurate bar control that is unrivalled on the market.
  • It guarantees accurate ba control and prevents them from hitting the turret. This is called "soft touch" positioning.

"Easy click" pushing system
  • We offer three pusher to cover entire range of bar diameter (6mm, 12mm, 20mm), changing pushers is very easy and quick, without any supporting tools.

Retraction system (Optional)
  • Standard Z or X axis retraction system can be chosen at time of installation and allows movement of bar feeder. It also permits easy access to the lathe for spindle liner changeover and machine maintenance.
  • Retraction safety switches (Optional) designed with a focus on maximum safety.

Fast changeovers
  • Extremely short bar change cycle time, minimizes nonproductive time.
  • Complete changeover from one diameter to another-quick and simple.

Technical specifications
Technical specifications
Model SL 80-S
Bar diameter (mm) Ø6 ~ Ø80
(With bar preparation for some max. diameters)
Bar length (mm) 350-1600mm
* depend on lathe spindle length
Spindle height (mm) 930~1280 mm
Weight 360kg
Motor Servo
Power supply 220V 3p
(varying power supply is available depending on applications)
Magazine capacity (mm) Ø15mm x 138pcs 
X or Z axis retraction (optional) 600 mmm

Floor plan

***This product is completed operation and product liability insured.
Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.