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LNS GT326 là một máy nạp phôi tự động hiệu quả và tiết kiệm chi phí ,đảm bảo năng suất tối đa cho các thanh ăn với đường kính phôi từ 3 đến 26 mm. Bộ phận dẫn hướng chất lượng cao, giảm thiểu tiếng ồn và độ rung trong quá trình bắt đầu tiếp phôi cho đến khi hết phôi .

Chi tiết

Optimum Guiding

The solid steel structure housing combined with the polyurethane guiding channel dampens vibrations to ensure optimum performance during the whole machining process.

Quick Changeover Simplicity & Precise loading

  • The quick change guiding elements are secured by locating pins, enhancing stability. Por complete diameter changeover, the elements can be replaced quickly and easily without tools. THe pusher can be simply released by unlocking the quick turn hand levers.
  • Vertical loading mechanism enure precise loading of the bar into the guiding chanenels.

Bar diameter selection on the magazine tray is performed by a simple manual adjustment via changeover gauge, no tool required.
A five position scale allows to visually seeng where the new adjustments is aligned for accuracy and quick selection.

Powerful Self-Centering Vise for Bar Extraction and Insertion

Strong design of the cylinder intensifies the vise to clamp the bar stock, ensuring ahigh reliability of detection on insertion and extraction cycle.
This averts new bar stock or remnants from failure inserted in or pulled out and ensures bar feeder running under control.

The self-centering vise operates via an air regulator for optimum clamping for all diameter bars.

Innovative front stabilizer (parent)

The two-position front stabilizer with v-shaped guiding elements dampens residual vibrations between the bar feeder and the back of the lathe.
Quickly and accurately change to the bar diameter by simply making a manual adjustment.
Air blast is included to eliminate residual oil from the bar feeder to the machine.

O-shaped bushing are served as options to install to accommodate hexagonal or square material.

"3S" High Speed Headstock synchronization System for Sliding Headstock Machnes (Patent) - Option

The headstock is directly connected to the servo drive eliminating transmission delay and guarantees perfect synchronisation between the pusher and the headstock.

User-friendly HMI

Easy operated HMI displays alarm messenges and position tracking for quick troubleshooting and changeovers


The ultral-light, user-friendly HMI-integrated remote control ensures interaction between the bar feeder and the lathe for easy setup and operation.

Bar feeder Retraction System for Exceptional Productivity - Option

  • Optional Z-axis bar feeder retraction system with safety switch provides full access to the machine components for easy maintenance.
  • An adjustable 2-position retraction with dual safety switches to accommodate guide bush less applications is also available.

Technical specifications
Technical specifications
Model GT 326
Bar diameter (mm) Ø3 ~ Ø26
(Bar end preparation will be required for some maximum)
Magazine capacity 270mm
Model 2.5M 3.2M 3.7M 4.0M
Overall length 3345mm 3935mm 4495mm 4935mm
Overall width 513mm
Max. bar length 2640mm 3230mm 3790mm 4230mm
Weight 378kg 402kg 424kg 450kg
Air pressure 5~7kg/cm2
Power supply 20V 3p
(Varying power supply is available depending on applications)
Option Integrated HMI remote controller
2-position Z-axis Retraction System

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