Mô tả

Máy cấp phôi tự động DH65 S2 sử dụng lực đẩy phôi bằng xy lanh nén khí đường kính phôi có thể lên đến Ø65mm, chiều dài phôi từ 1m2 đến 1m5 phù hợp cho tất cả các dòng máy tiện CNC 

Chi tiết

Advanced Controller Provides User-Friendly Operations
Employs PLC controller with LCD display for maximum operation convenience.
Extremely high speed . No spindle speed limitation to any lathe.
I/O interfacing with all CNC lathes.
Convenient setup. No special maintenance is required.
Remote control box gives maximum convenience of operation and adjustment.

All New Short Bar Feeder Design anf engineered with outstanding features.
  • Accomodates "black" bar.
  • No special requirements needed for bar straightness.
  • Remnant can be set through parameters for great saving of material.
  • Retract stroke can be set as desired.
  • Self detection and LCD display for too short feeding and malfunctions.
  • Bar diameters change is fast accomplished in only one minute.
  • Accommodates hexagonal and square material.
  • Extremely short bar change cycle time.

Working cycle

PLC controler
  • Convenlent parameters setting wltilout need of any program modification.
  • Length of remnant can be set as desired.
  • Short remnant for reducing material waste to the minimum.
  • Retract stroke can be set up as desired.
  • I 0 interfaCing with any type of CNC lathe.
  • Self detection for abnormal motions and Is displayed on LCD.
  • Remote controller provides convenient running test and adjustment.
  • Self detection for too short stock.
  • Self detection and warning for lacking material.
  • Self detection and warning for feeding position.

MDEL   DH-65 DH-65L
Bar diameter   Ø5 ~ Ø65
Bar length Minimum 300mm 300mm
Maximum 1210mm 1510mm
Spindle height   850mm ~ 1250mm
Weight   298 kg 328 kg
Air supply   5 ~ 7 kg/cm2
Power supply   220V 3 p (Adjustable upon power supply from lathe)
Magazine capacity   Ø5mm x 114 pcs
Loading system   Side load rack
Loading capacity   650 mm
Loading side   Left / Right
Headstock type   Fixed
X.Z axis retraction   X:300mm / Z:600mm(optional)
Drive   Pneumatic
*Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Floor plan